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I have designed these holistic, bespoke facials for improving the tone, colour, texture and structural integrity of your skin by strengthening its natural support barrier.

By refining, repairing and restoring your skin health, infusing pure, potent actives ingredients which enables me to increase barrier function, in turn creates firmness, settles inflammation, and improves skin integrity.

Selecting the appropriate products and actives which are hand picked to target concerns your skin concerns.

Our environment, lifestyle, medication, nutrition, skincare, makeup genetics and wrong treatment modalities all play a huge part in the skin health.

Every facial is bespoke, restorative which increases a sense of calm and stillness, so amazing transformations can be experienced.

90min   –   $189
70min   –   $169
50min   –   $149
40min   –   $125

Qi Beauty  –  $249

Guasha infusion facial    90min  – $240




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What others are saying …

Relaxing after skin needling at Elysium Skincare at Caves Beach. Very grateful for Julie-Anne’s excellent level of care 💜


Creating a unique, comprehensive and corrective skin programme for you at home and in-clinic. Through holistically addressing nutrition, stress, lifestyle, ingredients in skincare and medication, we can work together in achieving radiant and healthy skin for life.

Julie-Anne Sanotti