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Cleansing is your first priority for skin health

Don’t overlook cleansing!

So many people think it’s not particularly important as you wipe it on to wash it off, but not true.

Washing your skin alone with just water is not enough as the build-up of daily grime, makeup, excess sebum and skin cells that have not yet desquamated need to be addressed.

Our skin’s acid mantle and its microbiome depend on a very delicate balance of pH to ensure that it’s functioning at optimal health and protecting your skin from outside irritants. Using a cleanser with an incorrect pH, fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers and silicones will result in redness and possible inflammation/irritation with a build of up sensitivity.

You are really shortchanging yourself if you skimp on your cleanser.

Remarkable results can be achieved from a change as simple as swapping to a cleanser that is correct for your skin type.

The right cleanser will give you a thorough cleanse, whilst still looking after your skin’s unique condition & needs, as well as its oil & water balance.

As a practising Corneotherapist, we are able to help you select the right cleanser available or even create a Bespoke Cleanser for you, eliminating any guesswork or misdiagnosis.

Your skin is constantly evolving, so your skincare routine needs to keep up! Even something as simple as changes in the season can call for some skincare tweaks.

There is a lot of talk about single cleanse versus double cleanse.

My advice on this is to make the call each time you cleanse. How dirty is your skin and has the first cleanse taken away the daily grime, makeup, and redundant skin cells?.

Massaging in your cleanser for 2-3min helps with hydrating and cleansing, you should never have a feeling of tight skin after cleansing, this is a sure sign that the cleanser has stripped away all of the natural oils and your barrier has become compromised and impaired with a knock-on effect, being dry, inflamed. tight, parched flaky skin with fine lines, wrinkles with aging maybe not in the immediate but over time this is what you will have.

So your first step is a nourishing cleansing to repair and balance your barrier, this is an easy step, so invest in good quality skincare and advice.

You will then be on your way to a healthy functioning skin that has a radiance and glow to give confidence and a feeling of great wellbeing.