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Deco/Customised Mineral Foundation

Wear foundation that enhances the skin’s appearance

Deco foundation is an extension to your skincare, customised to your skin colour for the exact match.

Wear foundation that enhances the skin’s appearance, but can’t tell that it’s there.

Did you know that makeup with irritants can build up over time, damaging the skin barrier, think of it like glad wrap on your skin?

How about applying a pure foundation with the benefits of antioxidants including Vitamin C & Vitamin E.

Talc, fillers, colours with preservatives, silicones and more, all-cause pores to block resulting in open comedones (blackheads) or closed comedones (whiteheads) it doesn’t matter what age we are, low-quality ingredients are unhealthy and harmful to your skin which stops the skin from doing its job properly, that is for protection, for warmth, to glow and to be confident in our own skin. That’s why we need to respect our skin and give the nourishment it needs to flourish.

Who wants to look dry, with deep lines and pores being accentuated? I am sure you are shaking your head no way.

Customised deco foundation incorporates pure ingredients that are mineral pigmented ingredients that aid our skin’s natural moisturising ability, creating a smooth, soft texture on the skin, even reactive, inflamed skin can be tolerated reducing redness.

The skin needs protection from daily oxidative stress, by airconditioning, pollution, UV damage, lighting, stress, this all adds up to aging or inflammaging, (aging and inflammation), well that is another info story for next time. Time to uplevel your skin and confidence.