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Skin Loving Benefits of Omega 3

Beauty really does start from the inside

By intaking a nutrient-rich diet lots of good fats and EFA’s, lots of pure water good quality sleep, minimal stress with plenty of fresh air and exercise this will achieve positive wellbeing and great skin vitality.

When the skin barrier becomes compromised and loses its ability to hold water in, dry rough, inflamed and even flaky skin can occur, not a good look as fine lines, wrinkles open pores start to appear, in other words, cells are like sultanas, dry and wrinkled that cannot hold onto water. So we are after grape-like cells nice and plump full of good nutrition. Remember oil sits on top of water so this is the same as our skin.

Fortunately, the skin barrier’s ability to retain water is influenced by the composition of fatty acids, which can be affected due to diet changes so increase your good fats

A healthy skin barrier that shows great hydration is smooth and has glowing texture means that you will be glowing and confident in the skin you are in!