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Winter skin with replenishing inside and out

As the weather cools, more time is spent inside and life slows down.

Slow food will be cooked, sitting in front of open fires and those of us who have air conditioning on will be tucked inside warm and snug.

But what about our skin?

So this is not the time to slow down skin care routine!

The cold weather and heating draws out moisture from the skin and a lack of sebum or oil content weakens the barrier of the skin. This barrier is what protects and prevents skin from drying out. If the skin is already weak or thin and inflamed, it makes matters even worse so, it is essential that we maintain and enrich our skin care routine during the winter months to support and nourish our skin barrier so that we can experience a confident you with a refined textured nourished healthy glowing skin.

Tips for a healthy Winter Skin

  • Increase your water intake 6-8 glasses of water per day.

  • Increase your vegy intake including seeds, nuts and legumes.

  • Increase or begin to take Fish oil, 3 serving of fish per week, and introducing a high quality omega supplement, to support your  internal health which will reflect on your skin health.

  • Improve your sleep 8hrs per night to increase your  immunity and rest and repair for your body.

Support your skin with good quality skincare and oils to nourish and build a great skin barrier.

Just remember would you like to have your skin cells appearing like a beautiful plump grape or a shriveled up sultana?